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Introducing Jax Hydro-Jetters

Do you need urgent help with a clogged drain or backed-up sewer at your home or business? For reliable hydro jetting service in Jacksonville, FL, go with the professionals at Jax Hydro-Jetters LLC! With over 30 years of combined experience, we are a bilingual, family-owned and operated business that is fully insured and dedicated to providing quality workmanship and customer service .At the end of the day it's important to know who you're calling, and who's servicing your local area. You can't have a company page without a brief biography of who's responsible for this father & son company.


Pedro Lopez was hired by Roto Rooter in 2001, this company had been looking for a tech to launch their hydro-jetting service for their commercial clients. Pedro, with the help of Roto Rooter's GM, in only 4 months; was able to establish hydro-jetting as the most profitable service offer for the company. Soon after, Roto Rooter started sending techs from all over the country to train with Pedro in the development of maintenance procedures based on the jetting of drain systems. Years later, the hydro-jetting experience has become one of the best service offers for many plumbing companies all around the east coast.

In 2016, Pedro was hired as the general manager for All American Jetting in VA. Since then, All American has become one of the largest and most reliable drain systems maintenance companies in the east coast.

Today, Pedro is proud to be in business with his son, Sebastian. Together, they created JAX Hydro-Jetters LLC and are looking forward to establishing business with you!


Sebastian Lopez started his professional career after high school in 2011, working as a helping hand on excavation crews for a small company. His experience grew from there as he got hired by Roto Rooter as a service technician. He learned plumbing from other experienced techs and even received formal education. After a few years with Roto Rooter, he received a job offer from All American Jetting & Drain Services. Sebastian decided to pursue a career in hydro-jetting with All American, whom with he had a successful 5 years.

In 2019 Sebastian decided to step aside and pursue another passion in public service. Going to work for a hospital while going to school to become an EMT and later then to Fire Academy, he knew he wanted to give back to his community. Since making that decision Sebastian has made many improvements to his life.

Now married and with his first child, he comes back to his original field with an emboldened perspective. With a great desire to watch his and his father's company grow and make a name for itself, all while providing for his family and showing his daughter as she grows up, you can always pursue more than one passion in life.

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