I would give these folks twenty stars if I could. They were professional, thorough and reasonably priced....most of all they provided a solution for a clogged, compromised sewer pipe that otherwise could have been disastrous. My recently purchased house was built in 1968 and soon after moving in, the drain kept clogging. After jetting the line and an initial de-scaling/cleaning attempt, the video that was taken revealed that my sewer pipe under my slab was severely compromised, fractured and with holes in multiple spots. Other tradespeople I spoke with said that my floor and slab would need to be cut open to dig out the old sewer pipe and replace it with PVC---an ENORMOUS expense and undertaking.I am so glad I called Jax Hydro-Jetters. They were able to re-line the existing sewer pipe with a strong, durable coating without disrupting my home. Problem solved. I can't tell you the peace of mind they brought to me and my husband. It is priceless and I am forever grateful. I would HIGHLY recommend you call them for any clogging disruption you are experiencing in your home. You will be so happy you did.

Adele Suddes

We tried all the recommended retail brands to unclog our drain but nothing worked. The guys at Jax Hydro-Jeffers came in and fixed the problem for us with their super high tech equipment. They also gave us great tips on how to prevent future clogging. These guys are super professional, knowledgeable, and personable. We highly recommend these guys for sure!

Sha-Kerra Powell

I discovered Jax Hydro-Jetters on Thumbtack during my lunch break today. Six hours after I contacted them, the issue is resolved and my tub drains freely in less than an hour!! I was FLABBERGASTED!! 6 HOURS from contact to completion!! Who else provides that kind of service?? Sebastian and Jon were informative, polite, timely, and truly a pleasure to have in my home! I highly recommend as they were not only professional, tidy, and courteous, but fiscally prudent as well!!

Celynn Desfosses